Loan without Postident -That’s how it works

 Credit without Postident?

The Postident belongs to the online loan as the traffic jam to the highway. But again and again the question is asked about an online loan without a postident. In fact, there are a few ways to get around the process, but it does not always make sense. If you are already a customer of a bank, you do not have to legitimize yourself again. But who wants to take a loan for the first time at a bank, can not avoid a legitimacy.

In practice there are two ways to a loan without a postident. On the one hand, copies of ID card and other documents may be sent by e-mail. More promising, however, is the second option: The new online legitimization process – video id for short.

bank branch, you will almost always receive a loan without a postident. The identity determination takes place directly at the bank counter or in conversation with the bank consultant. However, the opening hours of bank branches are usually even stricter than those of the post office and where there is no post office, there is usually no branch of a financial institution. In addition, loans in the store are often more expensive. The cheaper loans are usually only online.

In individual cases, however, it is possible for customers of online banks to have their statements confirmed in the branches of their affiliated financial institutions. The Metabank even offers the opportunity to legitimize themselves at the gatekeeper at one of their three locations, but there are only in Nuremberg, Hanover and Frankfurt am Main – so is not a real alternative. You might as well go to the nearest post office and legitimize yourself there.

ING-DiBa loan calculator

A second alternative has long been foreign banks. But even there you have to legitimize yourself, but at least for small amounts, this is often done by attaching a copy of the ID card and sometimes even a gas, water or electricity bill. This is not necessarily faster or more convenient, especially if you do not have your own copier. Admittedly, today’s smartphones no longer necessarily require copiers. If you have a reasonably good camera with your smartphone, you can also take a photo of the ID and send it to the bank by e-mail. Some providers also have a separate area in the internal customer area where the copies can be uploaded.

So that’s an alternative. It does not take a long time to photograph the badges and upload the image files. However, there are not many foreign banks where this is possible on the one hand and on the other hand, the conditions are right.

In addition, many borrowers in the growing Europe still prefer a German bank account, which is subject to domestic jurisdiction and in which one does not have to negotiate in a foreign language in case of litigation.

Once you’re legitimized by video ident, you do not need to re-legitimize yourself for new loans or other banking products from the same vendor. In addition, you can not only apply for a credit without Postident, but also all other offers, such as credit cards, checking account, depot etc.

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