Loan Without Job

 Credit without a job?

Anyone who can live on his investment income and therefore does not need a job will usually find a lender. Also, loans for retirees are increasingly offered. But who is unemployed, who usually has bad cards. Above all, the often desired credit without a job or credit without work and Private credit usually remains a dream.

Home without a loan, and civil servants earn less than their peers in private companies with equivalent qualifications, they are particularly welcome as borrowers because their jobs are relatively secure. 

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Those who are unemployed find it particularly difficult to find a job. 

Nevertheless, there is also a true core in this escalation. If you have a low income, you may not be able to repay your loan. Therefore, he is usually rejected by banks. So obtaining a loan without work is very difficult.

Loan without Private credit is seen as an alternative to instant loan through a bank. But a loan without a job and Private credit is almost impossible to get. Of course, foreign banks also check the creditworthiness of their customers. They therefore demand information about the existing obligations and information about the income, often a proof of employment. 

Seizure limit according to the number of dependent persons. The word “maintenance obligation” does not only refer to children from divorced relations, but also to those living in the household or adults for whom maintenance is required. If you have three children whose net income is not attachable to € 1,929.99. Source: Federal Law Gazette Year 2015 Part I No. 16

Because the basic problem remains without Private credit: Low earning can not be impounded. If the debtor does not repay his loan, the bank is powerless. This is ensured by the attachment exemption limits, which are currently considerably higher than the social service rates. If you have a net income of less than 1080.00 euros, you will be spared income seizures even without your wife and children. If you still have two children to provide, you can even start earning € 1,710.00 net income – and then only with € 2.72 per month.

These are characterized by the fact that they do not require any performance-related up-front fees and the application is initially completely non-binding. Only when the loan agreement is concluded, the intermediary receives money.

However, the desire for a loan without a job is usually rejected by reputable credit intermediaries. Because no bank gives away money and where there is no offer, as well as the best intermediary can not find anything. Although a non-binding application can not hurt, most of the time the answer will be that there is no suitable loan without a job. Often the intermediaries then refer to loan platforms.

Maximum amount

In addition, the money is usually paid for a maximum of one year, only older people can get it for up to two years. As a rule, therefore, a maximum of a small loan with a short term is possible, in which the remaining debt is repaid before the unemployment benefit withdrawal ends.

Therefore, even with credit platforms, the unemployed should not invest money in advance if they do not bring any collateral or receive a high unemployment benefit. Also, the reference, one will soon find a job, should convince the least lenders.

Graphic attachment exemption limit 2015 to 2017

Mortgage loan

In this case, a security is deposited, for example, a piece of jewelry. Special car loaners can also give cars as security. If the loan is not repaid, the pawnshop can auction the deposited good. If the auction results in more money than necessary to pay off the remaining debt, the debtor gets the difference. Most companies lend only part of the value, so that the money in each case enough to pay off the debt.

But the most promising option is usually the search for a liquid partner. One can take the loan together with this, both are then responsible for the repayment. Alternatively, a guarantee can be issued. In it, the guarantor undertakes to assume the remaining debt, if the actual debtor can not pay them anymore. Of course, this only makes sense if the guarantor is also creditworthy. Guarantors can be, for example, family members such as parents or children. Then you can apply for a normal installment loan.

install an installment loan almost always, if it is to be rescheduled a Dispo or an expensive old loan. With a liquid partner can apply for a normal installment loan. Of course, it is important, especially for non-job loans, that interest rates are low.

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