Comparison for your personal loan

Creditend and Moneyor are top dogs in the German market for online credit brokerage. Creditend or Moneyor? – Many consumers ask that. We have made the comprehensive check and present advantages and disadvantages of the providers. First inform, then decide!


Are both private providers serious? According to the Stiftung Warentest yes
Do they follow the same principles as banks and savings banks? Yes, both providers do
Are you more willing to risk and more open? Yes, these are both platforms

The differences

Recently, Creditend also offers bank loans Moneyor remains true to the peer-to-peer principle
Creditend grants loans from 1,000 to 50,000 euros; Duration up to 80 months At Moneyor, the credit line is 1,000 to 25,000 euros; Duration up to 60 months
Creditend insists on the Private credit scoring If necessary, Moneyor also accepts other credit certificates (AIS, CEG)
  • there are more similarities than differences between the two private credit providers;
  • Creditend rather adapts to the banking model, but insists explicitly on the Private credit scoring, this has the consequence that even higher loan amounts can be extended for longer maturities;
  • whose credit rating is more likely to be shaky, which is probably in better hands with the more adventurous provider Moneyor, but must make do with smaller loan amounts and shorter maturity.

Private investment is becoming increasingly popular


limitation through short maturities and low loan amounts, Creditend is increasingly drifting into classic banking. This makes Creditend much less risk-averse, but increasingly interesting for large customers with high loan requirements. Creditend customers are people who, thanks to their good credit rating, could also sit down at the negotiating table of a classic German bank. Nevertheless, in view of rising demand for private loans on the German financial market, more and more companies seeking advice and individuals will turn to private providers such as Moneyor or Creditend to raise their finances. However, it is foreseeable that consumers will become more critical here as well, and that more private lending platforms will certainly enter this market and vie for the favor of investors and customers. The desire of many investors for better conditions for their capital also opens up a broad field of activity for future competitors of Moneyor and Creditend.

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